Modüler Su Deposu İmalatı

Modular Water Tank Manufacturing

Tektaş Modular is the whole of the manufacturing methods that include the shaping of the machine element whose water tank manufacturing process is determined by subjecting it to the cutting operation by means of cutting tools or machines determined in accordance with the manufacturing process. While manufacturing rusting water tanks, we follow the latest technologies with a modern machine park, we realize high quality productions with high manufacturing standards that will meet the expectations of every sector. We work with high quality, fine workmanship and high standards of product delivery guarantee.

A designed workpiece is given a geometric shape, taking into account the project drawing and standards. Today, stainless water tank manufacturing has started to be manufactured with new generation machine parks suitable for this job. With our experience and new generation machine parks suitable for the job and our experienced workforce who can manage them professionally, we manufacture products to meet the needs of every sector.

You can also contact our company, which has high manufacturing standards, realizes quality production and is one of the pioneers of its sector, regarding Tektaş Modular products. As one of the most sought-after companies in the sector, we offer quality production and solutions to meet all expectations, regardless of which sector the demand for stainless water tank products comes from.

What are the Usage Areas of Modular Water Tanks?

Housing and Living Spaces

Modular water tanks meet the need for water storage in homes and other living spaces, securing domestic water supply.

Public, Private Institutions and Organizations

Modular water tanks for public buildings, workplaces and other institutions meet daily water needs and provide water in emergencies.

Hospitals, Hotels and Schools

In such facilities, hygienic and reliable water supplies are critical. Modular water tanks can meet the water needs of these facilities.

Shopping Malls, Parks and Gardens

In public areas, modular water tanks are used to supply water for drinking water, irrigation or fire-fighting systems.

Why Should I Choose a Modular Water Tank?

More Economical

The feature of modular warehouses is that they are economical for the manufacturer and user compared to old warehouses. The strength of the panels made by pressing method is higher than the old warehouses.


It is impossible to produce moss, rust and odor due to the alloy of our own production panels. For this reason, our product is much healthier than other hair and similar products.

Longer Life

Our water tanks, which are completely produced with AISI 304-L quality (18/10 Cr-Ni) stainless steel, can be used for many years without any problems other than deliberate damage and deformations.

Easy Installation

It can be completely modular and demountable. It is very easy to transport, handle and install. When requested, it can be dismantled and reinstalled in the desired location or its volume can be increased.

Modular Water Tank Types