Modüler Su Deposu Temizlik

Modular Water Tank Cleaning

It is not suitable for use for more than 6 months without cleaning and disinfection of the water tank. Water tank cleaning is important in the circular published by the Ministry of Health. Periodic maintenance and cleaning every 6 months is a legal obligation. Microorganisms that cause spoilage that will make you sick and damage food and other substances are destroyed by chemical and physical methods. For water tank cleaning, we ask you to consume the water inside. Our teams will drain the water that you cannot consume in the tank with submersible pumps.

After draining the water inside, our team will enter the warehouse with safe work clothes and hygienic clothes. First of all, it will evacuate the physical cleaning of the inside of the warehouse, i.e. (dirt, rust, sediment, etc.). With 170 bar pressure, the tank surface will be completely cleaned using a compressor. After the cleaning process, the entire surface of the tank is disinfected with ‘sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO)’ and rinsed repeatedly with a compressor at 170 bar pressure.

After the water tank cleaning rinse is finished, you can use your tank in a clean and healthy way. Our team will explain the defects found in the warehouse and if there is any action to be taken, and will provide you with the necessary information in writing.

What are the Usage Areas of Modular Water Tanks?

Housing and Living Spaces

Modular water tanks meet the need for water storage in homes and other living spaces, securing domestic water supply.

Public, Private Institutions and Organizations

Modular water tanks for public buildings, workplaces and other institutions meet daily water needs and provide water in emergencies.

Hospitals, Hotels and Schools

In such facilities, hygienic and reliable water supplies are critical. Modular water tanks can meet the water needs of these facilities.

Shopping Malls, Parks and Gardens

In public areas, modular water tanks are used to supply water for drinking water, irrigation or fire-fighting systems.

Why Should I Choose a Modular Water Tank?

More Economical

The feature of modular warehouses is that they are economical for the manufacturer and user compared to old warehouses. The strength of the panels made by pressing method is higher than the old warehouses.


It is impossible to produce moss, rust and odor due to the alloy of our own production panels. For this reason, our product is much healthier than other hair and similar products.

Longer Life

Our water tanks, which are completely produced with AISI 304-L quality (18/10 Cr-Ni) stainless steel, can be used for many years without any problems other than deliberate damage and deformations.

Easy Installation

It can be completely modular and demountable. It is very easy to transport, handle and install. When requested, it can be dismantled and reinstalled in the desired location or its volume can be increased.

Modular Water Tank Types