GRP Modüler Su Deposu

GRP Modular Water Tank

Glass fiber reinforced and composite sheets are produced by hot pressing and high pressure method. It is manufactured in molds heated to 150 0C in tonnage presses. Due to the molding and manufacturing technology we use, both sides of the panels are smooth and very durable. GRP modular panels can resist UV rays and are very durable. It also does not transmit light, making it impossible for algae to grow inside the tank. In very hot and very cold environments, GRP modular panels can also be used with thermal insulation upon request. The surface of the panels is covered with polyurethane foam and thermal insulation is provided. The insulation material used is CFC and HCFC free. It never harms nature.

What are the Features of GRP Modular Water Tanks?

GRP Modular Water Tank is a storage solution made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) material. Durable construction ensures a long service life and is available in various capacities. With its modular design, these tanks can be easily assembled and easily replaced when expansion or transportation is required. GRP Modular Water Tank is used to meet various water storage needs such as drinking water, industrial water, rainwater harvesting and fire fighting.

Stainless and Hygienic.
It does not harbor germs and bacteria.
GRP Modüler Su Deposu

What are the Usage Areas of GRP Modular Water Tanks?

It can be used especially in all areas with corrosion problems. It is the most absolute and precise solution for drinking water, well water, rain water, sea water tanks, fire water tanks, balance tanks for swimming pools, process and distillation tanks, hot water or chemical storage tanks or agricultural irrigation areas.

Housing and Living Spaces

Modular water tanks meet the need for water storage in homes and other living spaces, securing domestic water supply.

Public, Private Institutions and Organizations

Modular water tanks for public buildings, workplaces and other institutions meet daily water needs and provide water in emergencies.

Hospitals, Hotels and Schools

In such facilities, hygienic and reliable water supplies are critical. Modular water tanks can meet the water needs of these facilities.

Shopping Malls, Parks and Gardens

In public areas, modular water tanks are used to supply water for drinking water, irrigation or fire-fighting systems.

Why Should I Choose GRP Modular Water Tank?

More Economical

The feature of modular warehouses is that they are economical for the manufacturer and user compared to old warehouses. The strength of the panels made by pressing method is higher than the old warehouses.


It is impossible to produce moss, rust and odor due to the alloy of our own production panels. For this reason, our product is much healthier than other hair and similar products.

Longer Life

Our water tanks, which are completely produced with AISI 304-L quality (18/10 Cr-Ni) stainless steel, can be used for many years without any problems other than deliberate damage and deformations.

Easy Installation

It can be completely modular and demountable. It is very easy to transport, handle and install. When requested, it can be dismantled and reinstalled in the desired location or its volume can be increased.

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