Prismatic modular stainless water tank

It is a water tank that consists of modular and bolted construction and can be made in accordance with all dimensions in disassembled form.

Prizmatik Modüler Paslanmaz Su Deposu

Modular Water Tank Types

Modüler Su Deposu Kullanım Alanları

What are the Usage Areas of Modular Water Tanks?

Modular water tanks are used in apartment buildings and housing estates, private institutions and organizations, public areas, hotels and educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, livestock facilities and industrial areas.

It is created by assembling it in pieces.
It can be easily increased in volume if needed.
It can be easily transported by disassembling again.

What are the Advantages of Modular Water Tanks?

It consists of modular and bolted construction. Since it is produced as disassembled, the modules are easy to transport and assemble. Since it can pass through narrow and cramped spaces in pieces, it can be easily transported to the assembly area. It is economical, durable and much more hygienic than welded and concrete water tanks. Our modular water tanks do not create fungus, mold, algae and bacteria.

It does not deform, does not stretch and does not break.
The quality of stainless water does not deteriorate.
Insects cannot enter the water and pollute it.
Modüler Su Deposu Avantajları

Modular Water Tank Services