Civatalı Silindirik Modüler Su Deposu

Cylindrical Modular Water Tank

Multi-row bolted modular cylindrical water tanks can be manufactured in very large capacities without any problems. The construction of bolted cylindrical water tanks is very strong and does not contain tension and reinforcement that may cause problems in the future. It is the best alternative for large capacity tanks, all connections are bolted. It can be produced as Stainless, Galvanized, Coated or Painted cylindrical water tank. It can be used for storing potable water, fire water, drinking water and also for very common agricultural irrigation. Resistant to earthquake, freezing and severe weather conditions.

Single row modular cylindrical water tanks are suitable for water and liquid storage in medium capacities (up to 300 m3). It is a type of externally mounted cylindrical bolted water tank. It does not contain any tension and reinforcement. Paslanmaz, Galvaniz, Kaplamalı veya Boyalı silindirik su deposu olarak üretilebilmektedir.

Membrane modular water tanks are economical and practical. Since there is a membrane between water and metal, corrosion does not occur on the water side, and the outer surface is covered with galvanized or special coating methods, so it is very long-lasting. UV resistant, corrosion resistant to water and liquids with certain acid percentages. Resistant to earthquake, freezing and severe weather conditions. They are easy to maintain and do not require service for a long time. Long Lasting and Corrosion Resistant. Since the structure of membrane modular water tanks is easy and simple, installation, dismantling and transportation are easy and practical. Installation requires no expertise. Due to its simple structure, the order delivery time is short. From 1.5 tons to 3000 tons, membrane modular water tanks can be produced in a wide range of capacities. Membrane modular water tanks; It can be used in all kinds of agricultural land and facilities, detached gardens and farms, greenhouses and fish breeding ponds, residences, workplaces, all kinds of industrial facilities and fire brigades, water and all kinds of non-water liquids.

What are the Features of Cylindrical Modular Water Tanks?

The Cylindrical Modular Water Tank is a water storage solution that is usually cylindrical in shape and modular in structure. These warehouses can be produced in different sizes and capacities and can be combined together to increase or decrease the storage volume. Manufactured from durable materials, cylindrical modular water tanks are used to meet the need for water storage in various areas. They are generally preferred for purposes such as drinking water, industrial water, agricultural irrigation or fire extinguishing. They offer flexible installation and ease of transportation, so they adapt to different projects and spaces.

Stainless and Hygienic.
It does not harbor germs and bacteria.
Silindirik Modüler Su Deposu

What are the Usage Areas of Cylindrical Modular Water Tanks?

Housing and Living Spaces

Modular water tanks meet the need for water storage in homes and other living spaces, securing domestic water supply.

Public, Private Institutions and Organizations

Modular water tanks for public buildings, workplaces and other institutions meet daily water needs and provide water in emergencies.

Hospitals, Hotels and Schools

In such facilities, hygienic and reliable water supplies are critical. Modular water tanks can meet the water needs of these facilities.

Shopping Malls, Parks and Gardens

In public areas, modular water tanks are used to supply water for drinking water, irrigation or fire-fighting systems.

Why Should I Choose a Cylindrical Modular Water Tank?

More Economical

The feature of modular warehouses is that they are economical for the manufacturer and user compared to old warehouses. The strength of the panels made by pressing method is higher than the old warehouses.


It is impossible to produce moss, rust and odor due to the alloy of our own production panels. For this reason, our product is much healthier than other hair and similar products.

Longer Life

Our water tanks, which are completely produced with AISI 304-L quality (18/10 Cr-Ni) stainless steel, can be used for many years without any problems other than deliberate damage and deformations.

Easy Installation

It can be completely modular and demountable. It is very easy to transport, handle and install. When requested, it can be dismantled and reinstalled in the desired location or its volume can be increased.

What are our Cylindrical Modular Water Tank Services?

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